Frequently Asked Questions

I am unable to walk far, or am shielding, can I still join in?

Yes, there is an option to take a virtual walk and we hope to feature videos and podcasts of peoples walks on our social media pages.

See also our Talk page




I don't know where to walk

We have some suggestions for local walks and links to other sites featuring suggested walks. 

Is it Safe?

Being outdoors is great for your wellbeing, getting outside once a day for exercise is really important. Just remember to be careful what you touch, keep your distance of two metres from your walking companion and other people that you meet along the way.


Wash your hands before your start and afterwards (you can take anti-bacterial gel with you).

You just need to be sensible and be prepared to keep a distance if people need to pass you.

If you feel anxious about meeting other people, consider taking an early morning walk or avoiding weekends as these are still traditionally a time when people tend to go for 'walks'.