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All Walks of Life hopes to offer people affected by the pandemic

an opportunity to restore a sense of community,

to celebrate women and women's journey’s

and gain a sense of wellbeing and connection

through the healing power of conversation and walking.


We invite people of all ages and all walks of life, to join us in taking a walk this year.

We have some suggested routes, but you may have your own favourite.

You can walk around your own garden or walk virtually.

We hope you will join us and share both your 'walk' and your 'thoughts'. 


In line with the current public health guidelines,

we want you to talk about the challenges you have faced, are facing,

or want to take on to raise awareness of women in society.

Walk and talk with your son's and daughters,

walk as a family, walk with a member of your social bubble GET WALKING AND TALKING!


Take an outdoor amble in and around the outskirts of Salisbury

(remembering to observe health guidelines and stay safe).

And either during your walk or later, 

reflect on either your own ‘walk of life’ or the ‘walk of life’

taken by a specific woman or women in your life.


 We invite you to record and submit

a brief video, poem, photo, painting or piece of writing to us

to form a collective body of voices for our 'All Walks of Life' online gallery.


You can simply submit your own three-minute film or audio file,

photographs, or written word response to us here.

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